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Three die hard fans discussing Sports

The Grail Sports Podcast

The Grail Sports Podcast is the flagship podcast of Grail Sports Media. Hosts, Gene Delle Donne, Cutt and Big Mike are diehard fans that discuss everything from the biggest news in professional sports, to fantasy picks, to the best beer for pounding during a game.

Episode #15

Elena Delle Donne

There's more to athletes than the sports they play

Episode #14

Inside Coach Stockstill

The Great Ones Are Never Satisfied

Episode #13


John Noonan - Hard Work x Persistence = Success

Episode #12

Big Mike is back, NFL Coaching moves, 2nd Rnd Playoffs

Big Mike's new toy, Discuss NFL coaching moves and Divisional Playoffs.

Episode #5

PGA Tour Championship, NFL, Listener Questions

Tiger's 80th win, NFL Wk 3 discussion and answering questions

Episode #4

FedEx Cup, Golf Advice, Fantasy

FedEx Cup final round, Big Mike takes up Golf, Fantasy studs and waiver wire pickups

Episode #3

NFL wk 1, Nike vs the Field, Fantasy 15

Week 1 booms, busts and in betweens, Shoes and politics, Fantasy studs, waiver wire pickups

Episode #2

Fantasy Football Special Edition

Draft strategy, player ranks and must-have late rounders

Episode #1

Hard Knocks, NFL Divisional Picks

HBO's Hard Knocks, a Josh Gordon bromance and much more

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