Hey Notre Dame - Join a Conference!

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Hey Notre Dame - Join a Conference!

December 31, 2018

I know its a $$$ game, with guaranteed tv revenue coming in from nbc sports etc… but Notre Dame in the BCS or CFP has been flat out embarrassing! In Notre Dame’s last 6 BCS/New Year’s Six Bowl games they are 0-6. Even worse, their average margin of defeat is 24 points. In other words, they have been getting blown out!!!

This past season, yes they finished 12-0 before Saturday’s debacle. But here’s who they beat. Michigan by 7 (who ended their season getting thrashed by Ohio State and Florida), Ball State (4-8 in MAC) by 8 pts, Vanderbilt by 5 (7-7 record), Pittsburgh by 5, and USC by 7 (USC was 5-7 this year). Other wins included soft opponents such as Virginia Tech, Florida State, Navy, Wake Forest, Syracuse and Stanford.

So what am I saying … they do not belong with the big dogs. They play a weak schedule every year that awards them 12-0 | 11-1 seasons causing them embarrassment in big Bowls. If they were a SEC team, they’d come out 9-3 at best. Join a conference Notre Dame. Beat Clemson in the ACC championshiop or Ohio State in the Big Ten – then you belong. Until then, play in holiday bowls that do not matter.

By Gene Delle Donne

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