Football - The Best Sport and Ultimate Fraternity


Football - The Best Sport and Ultimate Fraternity

December 5, 2018

A week that saw Draymond Green and Kevin Durant get into a pillow fight on and off the court and the soap opera that is called the NBA continue, how refreshing was it for fans to witness Ben Roethlisberger cry on the sidelines? Yes, a grown man crying! For those that may have missed it, Big Ben dove into the end zone with no time left on the clock to beat the Jaguars. Jogging off to the sidelines, he went on to grab the football, take a knee and cry. It was evident that that play, comeback and ultimately win meant a lot to him and will go down as one of the best in his hall of fame career.

While the play and comeback was truly amazing, it was the tears that came out of Ben that hit home the most for me. Time and time again, we continue to see NFL players cry. Whether its Drew Brees fighting back tears when his long time teammate, Zach Strief, announced his retirement a year ago, or Brett Favre barely managing to get through his retirement speech, grown men in the NFL have no shame in crying. Why? Because they are the most passionate about their sport, team, and friendships created inside their respected locker rooms. Teams are families, and players are brothers.

These players are modern day warriors with the games being their battles. When grown men reminisce on their times spent with their brothers preparing for battles, it’s hard to fight back the emotions. Off seasons, mini camps, and weeks of practices are grueling – all for a few games during the fall.

A regular season in college football is normally 10 games. NFL – 16. Simply put each and every week matters. And matters to the point where one loss can single handily ruin your season. Guys aren’t playing every other night (IE NBA / MLB) in 82 or 162 game seasons. In the NBA if you lose, better luck tomorrow. In the NFL if you lose, better luck next week, the same for college football. Find me an event where a family, company, city, and nation spend an entire week for 6 months preparing for a Saturday, or Sunday. Where all the energy is put into one day for 3-4 hours. Other than football, what is it? That’s why football is the best!

By Gene Delle Donne

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