Even the Greats may have Doubt

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Even the Greats may have Doubt

November 16, 2018

Tiger Woods, the face of modern golf, the most dominant golfer ever. With his shadow casting over the entire sport, his confidence and inner strength are second to none. You will never catch him off guard…steady, always.

When he started his latest comeback with a fused back, nobody thought he could win again. Country Clubbers around the world trashed Tiger for years stating, “He is too old. The young talent is superior. Tiger doesn’t have it anymore.” But, an icon like Tiger never loses IT, right? Icons never doubt themselves because that’s what makes them an icon, the irrefutable confidence and swagger that they have over their competition.


Tiger’s reaction after winning the Tour Championship showed the world that even the great ones may have doubt. I could never imagine Tiger Woods thinking to himself he may never win another tournament ever again. Not the Tiger, the fighter that I know. Every time you knock him down he gets right back up. If he misses right in the trees, he follows up with a laser at the green. He tears his ACL, he comes back stronger. He gets publicly EMBARRASSED because of a sex addiction, digging himself into a grave that not a single soul could find themselves out of…and he somehow found a way to crawl out of the darkness, reemerging as the fan and player favorite on tour. Never wavering, ever.

But the final round of the Tour Championship showed me something that I thought I would never see. Tiger admitted that he doubted himself. For the first time, he showed a hint of weakness. Tiger Woods finally gave us a peak of his mental make-up, and proved that he is human, he is like the rest of us. And for that, we love him even more!

Tiger – keep rolling brotha. I will forever tip my cap to you, the greatest of all time.

By Cutt

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