Defense Won Super Bowl LIII

In the NFL, Defense Still Wins Championships!

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Defense Won Super Bowl LIII

February 4, 2019

A few months back, when the Rams played the Chiefs on Monday night football and the final score was 54-51, the message heard around the league was, “This is the new NFL!”  Teams were averaging north of 30 points per game (Saints, Chiefs, Rams) and the way to win games was to simply outscore the opponent in offensive shootouts. Mahomes, Brees, and Goff were lighting up scoreboards and were the coveted fantasy players week in and week out.

Super Bowl LIII caught everyone by surprise. With the total set at 57 points, the Rams averaging 28 points per game in the playoffs, Brady / Belichick vs Goff / McVay the stage was set for another shootout. What America witnessed on Sunday night was quite the contrary.  A Defensive Battle – Old School Football.  The game was won in the trenches,  Football in its purest form.

In Super Bowl LII, the Patriots defense gave up 41 points and 538 yards in the loss to the Eagles. This year, 3 points and only 260 yards to a team who scored fewer than 23 points only once in 18 games this year. Los Angeles was forced to punt the ball 9 times, and clearly the young tandem of McVay and Goff had no answer to Belichik’s defensive schemes.

In the NBA, defense does not exist. All 30 teams are averaging over 100 points, and in most cases, players are more worried about fouling out as opposed to stopping their opponent. The purity of the sport has been lost. The focus is now score points to sell tickets instead of winning games. Super Bowl LIII, however, proved to us one thing… In the NFL, Defense Still Wins Championships!

By Gene Delle Donne

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