Dabo Ditches Clemson for Bama

Richard Shiro

Dabo Ditches Clemson for Bama

January 8, 2019

This is the headline that Alabama fans across the country pray they’ll read when Saban retires. I’m here to knock all those Alabama fans off their high horse and say, “IT AIN’T HAPPENIN!” What Alabama fans don’t realize is that Dabo does not want that job. People say, “Well Alabama can pay him more, it’s his Alma Mater, the prestige of Alabama is greater than that of Clemson’s.” I say fuck that! Dabo has a chance to have a bronze statue of himself erected right outside Death Valley stadium, and no way would any coach forfeit that opportunity to go follow a legend, at a program that has nowhere to go but down.

Football teams take on the personality of their head coach, and this team fears no one just like the man that leads them through that tunnel on Game day. His team EMBARRASSED what was said to be the greatest team Nick Saban has ever had. Dabo has given the Clemson community a reason to carry themselves with a certain swagger and poise. And that swagger and poise is the same one that their head coach emulates on the sideline. He represents the people.

Clemson now owns the eastern part of Georgia, all of South Carolina, North Carolina, and can go anywhere they want in the state of Florida and cherry pick players. With Dabo now having his second national title in 3 years, there is no reason why he can’t go into ANY state and steal the biggest names right out from under Alabama’s nose. Dabo went in to Phenix City, Alabama, and stole Justyn Ross right out from under the Alabama football program. Justyn Ross might have been the best receiver on the field last night, and he was sitting right there in Alabama’s backyard, but chose Dabo over Saban.

Dabo has created a culture that has branded an entire community. Dabo is Clemson and Clemson is now Dabo. They together have found a way to dethrone the great Nick Saban and the all mighty University of Alabama. So why would Dabo leave Clemson for his Alma Mater? Sorry Bama fans, he wouldn’t.

By Cutt

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