Boston - The Best Sports City?

In Boston, sports and beer rule

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Boston - The Best Sports City?

January 29, 2019

This past weekend I was in Boston for a bachelor party. After 100 beers, greasy pizza, lobster rolls and a NBA game I reflected on the city, the people, and high level of passion they all exuded for sports. It’s hard for me to say this, but I was impressed with their fan game!

Why? Because, I’m a Yankee fan. I’d always give Fenway the cold shoulder.  “It’s old,” “A shit hole,” “Small,” and “Doesn’t even look like a real stadium,” were repeated statements I would tell myself and others. That changed on Saturday as the group was lucky enough to gain a private tour through the bows of Fenway. We even sat on top of the Green Monster and stood in the tunnel where the movie “The Town” was filmed. Fenway is beautiful, clean, manicured, and obviously reeks of history. One of the coolest places I have been to in my many years of being a sports fan. I’m looking into Yankees Sox tickets as we speak.

Saturday night we cabbed over to TD Boston Garden to watch the Warriors play the Celtics. The sell out crowd was rocking, and the atmosphere was electric. Boston fans aging 5 to 75 were all locked in and unified as one, like a PACK! It was amazing. The highlight, though, came from off the court. A Celtic fan (age 35) did something that forever will be engraved in my memory. During a timeout, this man ran off, bought a Kyrie youth jersey, and gave it to a young fan (age 8) who was close by cheering for the Warriors. The crowd around cheered, and the young fan (clearly not knowing any better) was instantly converted to a Boston fan. In other city’s this won’t have gone over so well. I’ve seen Parents booed for bringing their kids to sporting events. Not the Boston fans. They embraced the kid and worked together to change his team preference. It was amazing – can’t wait to get back to the The Garden.

Sunday we wined it down taking it to the streets to take in the neighborhood bars. It didn’t disappoint. Bars were packed around tvs watching big games. Pictures, paintings and banners are nothing but Pats, Redsox, Celts and Bruins. No boutiquey decorations or designs. Nobody dares to wear the merchandise of another outside team. It’s Boston or nothing. It’s Brady, Kyrie, Big Papi. In Boston, sports and beer rule. It’s the way of life there and probably why it’s considered one of the best cities for sports in the Country.

By Gene Delle Donne

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